The Path of the Mystic

summer 2020

June 25th - July 1st

After six sacred mystery schools in beautiful Santorini, in June 2020 we have planned an entirely new experience in France.  This will likely be a one-only mystery school – in a magnificent location – a 300 year old castle surrounded by forests and nature.  


And we will continue to take our mystery schools around the world to places of power, for our group energies are needed and utilised to anchor so much light to various places around our beautiful world where there is the need for clearing of Gaia’s grids, to allow the foundations for the New World to build, in grace.  

If France is calling to you, then please join us for what will be a most wonderful experience.

Always a particular group is called to come together to play their role.  The place calls strongly – the call is heard – and acted upon.   And a beautiful group with particular gifts, particular experiences to clear – joins together – a soul group together once more – and lifetime friendships regained. 



1300 EUR – 5 Days Mystery School Tuition (lunch included)

Accomodation Options for 6 nights (June 25th - July 1st, 2020)

A- Shared communal living apartment 

     8 beds only + 255 Euros /pers

B- Regular private room
    1 room only

    single occupancy + 788 Euros 

    double occupancy + 444 Euros /pers

C- Luxury private rooms in the Castle 

     5 rooms only 

     single occupancy + 988 Euros

     double occupancy + 555 Euros /pers

Full meals are available for 300 euros extra (6 breakfasts and 6 dinners) 

*including dinner on arrival and breakfast before check out. 

The Path of the Mystic

5 day retreat in France

Mikaella Yiasoumi, loved by many, now joins our mystery schools in a more acknowledged manner.  She has been with us through many Santorini mystery schools – and as her gifts have blossomed into the rare magnificence that she holds – we are honoured that she play a committed and acknowledged role – for as a gifted seer and akashic record timeline journeyer – she offers so much to us all, in that which she clears for us during our activations.


And this year and in future years she will be available in the days before we begin our activations – for individual akashic timeline journeys.  Astrea works with Mikaella during the sessions, to support and assist Mikaella with light language and repatterning of the light body geometries.


Available for just 3 sessions each day on 23, 24 and 25 June – you may book at this link …


Sessions will be 9.30 am, 10.45 am, 12 noon – on 23, 24 and 25 June  

Book through her website www.yourakashictime.com

From June 25th to July 1st, this 5 days retreat includes an introductory afternoon lecture on arrival, 5 full days of activations, late afternoon lectures, luxury French cuisine experience, and 6 nights of accommodation in a French castle. 

5 day intensive retreat includes:

  • Activation and awakening of your highest potential, putting in place all processes required for the unfolding, activation, healing and restoration of your divine self and your mission upon earth

  • Deep clearing, accelerated release of ancient akashic soul memories, deepest core blocks, wounds, obstacles – identifying the original ancient traumas that result in deep disempowerment in your current life. With the akashic records released, you will no longer attract into your life those recurring experiences and patterns. 

  • Activations with Ascended Masters and Galactic Federation - journeying to key portals, light temples, ancient lifetimes of both core wounding and of illustriousness – to retrieve and dissolve karmic contracts and memories – connecting with and merging with multidimensional nature and higher gifts - angelic presence, galactic presence, Christed planetary presence, divine presence – rebuilding your energy body to original blueprint, reclaiming your highest divine gifts 

  • Sacred geometry codes and holograms

  • Light body repatterning and restoration to original divine blueprint

  • Voice transmissions of the language of light

  • Activations to restore your divine gifts, activate your keepership and divine mission, fulfill your divine potential, and place you upon the highest timeline of your destiny and mission.  A fast-tracking and an acceleration.

  • Evening gatherings with lectures, Q&A and sharing.

  • Manual – practical tool kit of activations and many sacred geometry codes to ease and hold the path steady – clearing the blockages, allowing multidimensional bodies to anchor gracefully.

We hold silence during the workshop, so that your journey is a deeply personal one - and to sustain a high frequency.  Jean-Manuel, gifted in his ability to explain the processes involved, will answer questions during the afternoon lectures. The mastery of each participant is acknowledged - all are masters - just at different stages of their journey.

Sacred mystery school is for those who deeply feel the calling to retrieve parts of their multidimensionality, to move forward strongly, dissolving akashic record memories - committing to your sacred path.  It is a path of mastery and remembrance, healing and moving past limitations, accessing layer upon layer of your higher mastery - that may take years to unfold – requiring serious commitment.  

* read practical information and accommodation details at the bottom of this page


June 23-24-25

possibility to book a private
session with Mikaella

June 25th


Check-in before 3pm

4pm-6pm Introduction

June 26th to 30th

5 Days of activations

July 1st

Check out before noon 

The experience

the sacred mystery school experience

Our days are quite full and fast packed with many activations to receive – lying comfortably as we journey deeply to the realms of the Ascended Masters, and ancient lifetimes of Lemuria, Atlantis and Ancient Egypt, to the Hall of the Records of the Akasha, and to galactic lifetimes - to dissolve the unresolved akashic records – and to reclaim the divine gifts of your soul.  


On day 2, you will receive a channeled reading from the Ascended Masters, given the name you are known by in the higher realms - your divine spiritual name - and also the title of your keepership and an outline of the special gifts and powers that you hold within that expression of your divinity which you have expressed in all of your great lifetimes – and the names of those enlightened masters in your Council of Light. 


You will draw a sacred encodement to anchor your keepership to earth and create a sacred mantra – and sing this during the portal ceremony on our final day, to activate your life mission.


You will receive a repatterning, restoration and activation of each of your chakras, your galactic chakra column, the diamond plates of each dimension of your being and the individual crystals and vortexes and gateways of your light body.


You will become aware of those which are your deepest core patterns, that over the course of your life, and previous lifetimes, have played out in limitation, sadness, disempowerment and lack of belief in yourself and your abilities.  As a high initiate you will have had earth lifetimes where you have endured experiences of suffering and lack of self-trust and self-love - patterns of behavior which, no matter how hard you have tried to resolve these in this lifetime, persist, disempowering and creating suffering.  Likely these originate from a very deep experience in an ancient lifetime, particularly in Lemuria, Atlantis and Ancient Egypt - and also to the time of separation from God - held deeply hidden within your core.  Working with the akashic records offers the ‘delete’ button to allow the core of these deepest of ancient experiences and memories to dissolve.


Working with the karmic records is an ongoing process. Your first priority as a high initiate is to release yourself of all karma and all disempowering patterns.  In this freeing, you are increasingly able then to allow your divinity to shine through.


Each time that you release a karmic record, the family of light spontaneously allows the anchoring into your being of another of your soul gifts - in the vacuum which is created as the distortion in your energies lifts and clears.


As the engrained patterns of your life also lift and release, life becomes more peaceful and former challenges depart - allowing you more and more to embody your divinity and to share your divine gifts with all humanity.


Those who are seers have wondrous experiences during many of the activations as we journey throughout the galaxies and to the ancient lifetimes. And some are able to experience the deep energies and the psychic healing and repatterning that occurs.  But for all, the energies are strong, sometimes heavy – and also often of great heart opening and tears and joy. 


You may slip in and out of a deep dreamlike state - and will awaken from time to time to have knowledge of some specific information which is important for you.


Many encodements of sacred geometry are used which will fast-track the healing and restoration of your sacred nature.  Sacred geometry codes are the gift Astrea brings to the earth plane - the gift of ability to see energy as geometry and to repattern the electro-magnetic field of your energy body to its original divine blueprint - with many, many codes drawn which are used to repattern the light body to original creation blueprint – and many codes to use in your daily practice


We create a group energy of initiates, strongly and lovingly able to receive all that has already been achieved in mastery by those who have walked ahead.  You are able to receive a great acceleration not possible when doing this work alone.


Astrea is a divine channel of the Creation Blueprints and Elohistic realms, and deep repatterning and restoration of the electro-magnetic field of your energies is received through voice transmissions of the language of light which channel the geometries of the universe, restoring to original divine blueprint.


You will receive an activation of either the Seer, Rainbow Bridge Channel or Akashic Recordkeeper, depending on your choice.

Commitment Required


A commitment to yourself is required to commence this work, with your priority your own self growth and evolution to mastery.

There is the willingness required of you to acknowledge your deepest patterns and to heal these.


Your light body and all of the crystals and chakras within will receive activation and commence rebuilding and restoration to original divinity.  Your galactic presence will commence its restoration - anchoring to earth through you in all its magnificence. You will commence to reconnect with all of the illustrious lifetimes, healing the memories and wounds of these times, and restoring, reclaiming the beautiful gifts.


You will commence a process which cannot be walked away from - and discipline is required, and commitment to this path you walk.  Discipline is required to create a routine and to work with the tools and codes you are given - clearing distortions and memories from your energies and your light body - restoring, healing.


There may be disruption to your life, for you have commenced a process of deep restoration. All that is distorted, all that does not resonate with your new path of restoration will no longer be in alignment with you and so there is possibility of disturbance.  As memories of ancient lives return - for as new bodies of light anchor within you their soul memories also return - there is the need to use the tools and codes you are given - to clear these distortions and memories.


The Path of the Mystic is a path for those who feel deeply within their heart that they wish to commit to achieving this level of self mastery.

Strength returns - and peace - as old patterns of distress and limitation fall away - replaced by beautiful gifts and the return of full trust in God and the support of soul family who stand beside you in this walk to the return of your original magnificence.


With so much love





Arrival date
It is important that you arrive before 3pm on June 25th or an earlier date. The retreat will start on June 25th at 4 pm. 

Flights to France
You can fly to Paris, rent a car or take a train to Caen. Shared pick up may be organized. More info soon. 


early bird price* with deposit before Dec 31st, 2019. 
*1400 USD without accommodation upon reception of a 500 USD deposit. 

If you wish, we have arranged a limited number of shared or private rooms on site. The alternative is to book your own accommodation around the area with your own transportation

Bookings and beds attribution will be made on a “first come, first served” policy, upon reception of full payment.  Every room is different, and the shared options ranges from 2 people per rooms to 8 people in one apartment.  If you need a private setting we recommend our private room option or luxury room, these can be for single or double occupancy.  Every year, people have loved the shared experience.  It is your choice which setting fits your needs.

If you cancel your booking, there is a non-refundable 500 USD. After April 31st, 2020 the full payment is non-refundable.

Visas for France
Make sure you visit your government website to see the guidelines regarding Visa requirements. France is part of the European Union, therefore using the Euro currency.

Lunch and Meals
Fine French cuisine is available at the castle. Lunch will be included in the 5 days of the Sacred Mystery School tuition. Please advise us as early as possible if you have any food allergies. We may not be able to accommodate all food restrictions.

Breakfast and dinner options are available for an extra 300 euros. Dinner on arrival and breakfast before check out included. (6 dinners and 6 breakfasts)

You are responsible for your belongings at all time. We provide shared accommodation and we advise group decisions regarding rooms’ security and safety guidelines.


June in France is the beginning of summer and is in high season, the temperature average 74 °F (18-22 °C) with little rainfall. Evenings and night can be cooler 64 °F (14-18 °C).

What to wear
We recommend light, comfortable, natural fibre clothes as you will spend much time lying down receiving activations, and loose trousers are comfortable and perfect. A sarong to place over your body will keep you cosy. 


What to bring
The activations are received while lying down. One yoga mat per person will be provided, but we recommend to bring with you an extra yoga mat and sleeping bag or small light mattress, as you will be spending hours daily lying down and need to be comfortable.  Feel free to bring anything else you feel would enhance your comfort during each activation (light blanket, sarong, socks).


Bring colored pens or pencils for the code you will draw – and bring a notebook – as valuable information may be received during the activations.


You can bring crystals or small objects to place on our altar – to charge with the frequencies – and photos of loved ones to allow them to receive with us.


what to know before the retreat

Practical information

Workshop Venue

& Shared Accommodation


Located in Normandy, the 300 years old Isle Marie Castle is built on a 2000 years old historical land. The workshop will be held in a large room in the castle.


We have been called to France for many years and this is the right time and most likely a once-only mystery school in this location.  


The castle has 5 luxury rooms available in single or double occupancy. Next to the castle, we have 3 rooms for a shared accommodation experience. 

If you wish to stay with us, we are providing three options of accommodations:

1- Basic shared apartment with 8 people 

2- Private single / double occupancy (couples, friends)

3- Private luxury room (single/double)

Book early if you wish to stay on site as rooms are limited. We proceed on a first come, first served basis.

Feel free to book your own accommodation and pay only the tuition fee if you feel to stay nearby, make sure you have your own transportation as well.

We try and create an affordable option for those who feel to share this experience in a shared accommodation communal space.  In the last years the communal house arrangement was a very happy one and lasting friendships were made, with much laughter and sharing of breakfast and evening meals. 

We have 5 luxury room available within the castle for single or double occupancy.


Next to the castle, there are 3 apartments available in a Manoir, 2 of them available for shared single, double or triple occupancy and 1 large apartment for our most affordable shared communal living with 8 beds.



how to book your space

Reservation & Payment

To make your reservation, please choose your preferred payment option.

1- Deposit of  500 Euros or 550 USD
2- Full tuition + 6 nights of shared accommodation
3- Full tuition only without accommodation

* Price may change due to local currency fluctuation





1333 EUR – 5 Days Mystery School Tuition (lunch included)

Accomodation Options for 6 nights (June 25th - July 1st, 2020)

A- Shared communal living apartment 

     8 beds only + 255 Euros /pers

B- Regular private room
    1 rooms left

    single occupancy + 788 Euros 

    double occupancy + 444 Euros /pers

C- Luxury private rooms in the Castle 

     5 rooms only 

     single occupancy + 988 Euros

     double occupancy + 555 Euros /pers

Full meals are available for 300 euros extra (6 breakfasts and 6 dinners) 

*including dinner on arrival and breakfast before check out. 

Payment in Euro Bank transfer
Payment in USD Bank transfer

contact us for details

Payment by PayPal will have a 4% extra charge and 6% for Credit Card

~ Deposit is non refundable
~ Full payment is non-refundable after April 31st 2019

Any questions ?

Thanks for submitting!