The Path of the Mystic

in France 2020

Astrea Sri Ana will share her Sacred Mystery School in a new venue in Normandy, France

This 5 days retreat includes an introductory afternoon lecture on arrival, 5 full days of activations, late afternoon lectures, luxury cuisine experience, and 6 nights of accommodation in a French castle. 

The experience

You will receive a repatterning, restoration and activation of your light body.

You will become aware of those which are your deepest core patterns, that over the course of your life, and previous lifetimes, have played out in limitation, sadness, disempowerment, lack of belief in yourself and your abilities, lack of self-trust and self-love - patterns of behaviour which, no matter how hard you have tried to resolve in this lifetime, persist, creating suffering.  

Likely these originate from a very deep experience in an ancient lifetime, particularly in Lemuria, Atlantis and Ancient Egypt - and also to the time of separation from God - held deeply hidden within your core.  

Working with the karmic records is an ongoing process. Your first priority as a high initiate is to release yourself of karmic memories. This Mystery School is an empowering step on this path.  


the sacred mystery school experience

The Path of the Mystic is a path for those who feel deeply within their heart that they wish to commit to achieving a high level of self mastery.

Our days are quite full and packed with many activations to receive – lying comfortably as we journey deeply to the realms of the Ascended Masters, and ancient lifetimes, to the Hall of the Records of the Akasha - to dissolve the unresolved akashic records – and to reclaim the divine state of your soul.


Armeni Bay

Located in Armeni Bay, the venue is a very private setting away from the crowds.  We have our own small temple next to our shared accommodation, at the ocean edge, looking out over the caldera and volcano.  

The venue and shared accommodations are located at the bottom of the steps.  If you book your own accommodation up in the Oia village, there is a 15 minutes walk to the venue down about 300 stairs.

This photo shows the hidden bay where our workshop takes place.

when gratitude flows

«  ... Since then, my life literally changed… I started to access new gifts, artistic gifts, psychic gifts and increased power, strength, clarity of vision and much more... Astrea has the amazing ability to bring us back to our divine Self, through exploring new dimensions, planets, galaxies, she takes us onto galactic journeys to clear very ancient wounds engraved into our DNA... Just BEING with her, in the sacred space of mystery school already attuned me to her frequency and I started to receive the benefits and expand my vision of my mission on Earth .. I highly recommend this path to anyone who is deeply willing to go through an accelerated transformation. She has been an immense support for my growth, always encouraging me to take back my power, to develop my own healing tools in order to be my own spiritual guide, totally free from any outside influences. Astrea is a pure Aquarian whose only goal is to free and awaken those who are ready to take on their divine mission on Earth. »  

Frederic, France - X’ianda, Keeper of the Universal Wisdom Streams

Our Shared Accommodation experience

If you wish, we are providing basic shared accommodation. We have rented two large houses with beds available on two floors and shared over a few rooms. Each house has shared bathrooms.  


Book early if you wish to attend as numbers are strictly limited and cannot be extended. If you wish to stay close to the venue, and do not wish to be climbing stairs each day, then it is important that you book as soon as possible, as this will be offered on a first come, first served basis and likely will be quickly booked out.


Oia is a very small area. There are plenty of guesthouses, hotels and rooms to rent on AirBnb. Feel free to book your own accommodation and pay only the tuition fee. 


We have sourced this very affordable option for those who feel to share this experience in a shared accommodation communal space.  In the last years the communal house arrangement was a very happy one and lasting friendships were made, with much laughter and sharing of breakfast and evening meals. 

Here’s what you can expect from our shared accommodation option

* Both houses feature a beautiful terrace with sunbeds
* kayaks for excursions
* Wi-Fi
* There is a washing machine available
* Towels and beach towels
* Housekeeping service every two days



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